Darja Marolt

Darja MaroltOur group focuses on culturing tissue-engineered bone substitutes from human embryonic and human induced pluripotent stem cells. We are applying advanced scaffold-bioreactor culture models to develop functional bone substitutes in vitro, and study the stability and developmental potential of engineered tissues after transplantation in vivo. In particular, we are using diverse in vitro culture models and analytical techniques (molecular, biochemical and histological characterization, biomedical imaging, high-throughput cell surface phenotype analyses and genomics) to compare the pluripotent stem cells and their progenitors differentiation potential to that of stem cells derived from adult tissues. We aim to develop personalized bone grafts containing multiple tissue compartments constituting normal human bone (bone, bone marrow, vasculature, cartilage), and to apply advanced tissue culture models to the process of drug discovery and development.





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