Glenn Gaudette

Glenn  Gaudette My research aims to develop a treatment for the millions of Americans suffering from myocardial infarction and other cardiovascular diseases. We are focused on regenerating mechanical and electrophysiological function in the heart. Our work has demonstrated the induction of adult cardiac myocytes into the cell cycle. We also have differentiated adult stem cells into cardiac myocytes. In addition, to confirm that the regenerated tissue is mechanically active, our lab has developed a method for accurately measuring regional function at very high spatial resolution in the heart. To deliver stem cells with high engraftment efficiency, our laboratory has developed a novel suture-based method. My research has been supported by government (National Institutes of Health), nonprofit (American Heart Association), and private agencies (Synovis Life Technologies). I have 18 years of experience in the cardiac research field, including 10 years in cardiac surgery research. I currently teach biomedical engineering design, biomechanics, physiology and tissue engineering


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