Jerry Schatten

Jerry Schatten Dr. Schatten’s research focuses on understanding human reproduction and development and making contributions to molecular medical therapies by determining stem cell potentials and accelerating gene therapy. Utilizing gametes, embryos and stem cells, Dr. Schatten and his research colleagues are aiming to answer questions regarding human reproduction and human development using cloned transgenic disease models and stem cells. Dr. Schatten is a founding course director of Frontiers in Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research (FrHESC) – an intensive laboratory and lecture-based introduction to this emerging research field. He was also a founding course director of Frontiers in Reproduction at the Marine Biology Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. He is the only American on the executive committee of UNESCO’s International Cell Research Organization. Dr. Schatten was recently honored by the Czech Academy of Sciences with the Purkinje Medal. Dr. Schatten is also an advocate for research in reproduction, development, and stem cells and has testified to the US Senate and the President’s Council on Bioethics.



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