About the Course

About the Course

The future of regenerative medicine envisions that biology in combination with engineering will play increasingly important roles in guiding the future effort of engineering functional and custom-designed tissue grafts that can be used clinically (to repair a tissue), as high-fidelity models to study a range of factors (e.g., stem cell responses to genetic and environmental factors, disease progression, effects of drugs), or as diagnostic biosensors. The course will include topics spanning cell and developmental and tissue engineering:

  • Understanding cell-specific functions – specific cell type for a specific purpose
  • Artificial and native cell-derived biomaterials
  • 3D scaffold designs
  • Surface decoration with bioactive molecules
  • Bioreactors for control of cellular microenvironment and delivery of specific signals at specific times
  • Functional evaluation of 3D constructs
  • Computer modelling of tissue function – blood flow
  • Biosensors
  • Nanoparticles in regenerative medicine and cancer therapy
  • Current strategies in cardiac, skeletal and vascular smooth muscle regenerative therapy
  • From bench-to-bedside symposium

The principles and methods of engineering and the life sciences will be applied towards the development of biological substitutes to restore, maintain, or improve tissue function. Engineered tissues of sufficiently high fidelity can help address the growing problem of tissue and organ failure by implanting a cell-based tissue substitute that can provide immediate functionality and the capacity to integrate with surrounding host issues. Engineered tissues can also serve as physiologically relevant models for controlled in vitro studies designed to interrogate the factors and mechanisms associated with tissue development and function. Lastly, biosensors developed using the combined cell/material approaches could serve as novel diagnostic devices.

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